Is Project AWOL Legit?

So what is the answer to that question?

A resounding YES!

Project AWOL in it’s current form is the charitable, not for profit program created by co-founders Keala Kanae and Kameron George.  It’s primary goal is to provide new schools and up to date curriculum in order to serve the needs of under developed communities across the globe.

Now if you were doing a search online for the phrase “Is Project AWOL Legit?” you may have come across some much different content.  In fact, the information or “so-called reviews” you may have clicked on might not been the most flattering to be completely blunt.

So let’s get into the why behind that incorrect information.

First and foremost, Project AWOL was the early origin of what eventually transformed into the vision for what is now AWOL Academy.  But the original version of what was Project AWOL was a completely different type of training, focus, vision and also a different co-founder.

And eventually that original version was scrapped in order to shift gears into it’s current non-profit focus.  The original Project AWOL is long gone.

One last thing I feel needs to be mentioned here.  You may have also come across a variety of some sites, blog posts or reviews that presented a “negative or degrading” opinion of the first Project AWOL.  Now granted to each his own and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

But if you take a deeper look at those “negative reviews” you will more often discover that the author is simply leveraging the immense popularity of the AWOL brand in order to gain traffic to their own offers and products.  These are the type of people that will say anything about anyone in order to simply make another sale for themselves.

So back to the original question that brought you to this page today.

Is Project AWOL legit?

Without a doubt.

And if you’d like to find out more on how to support the Project AWOL educational charity program… contact them today.